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Blood Type Plastic 

Campaign Art Direction | UK + NYC

Common Seas an NGO in the UK discovered plastic in human blood.

This was a shocking discovery and they reached out to Soze Agency in NYC and myself to create the campaign. It ended up being seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers, commented on by hundreds of influencers, picked up in every national news outlet; one being The Guardian'sthe most viewed article that week, as well as the 3rd most popular article that “moved the needle in 2022”. It also spurred collaborations with Greenpeace, Only One, seen in magazines, and made it to 10 Downing in the UK, as well as winning awards

Developed the Blood Type Plastic campaign visual look and feel, with strategist Flannery Miller of Soze, for Common Seas in the UK whos mission is to end plastic pollution.

The aim of the campaign was to get 100,000+ signatures for the campaign to then bring the petition to 10 Downing street – UK government – to have more funding to find out more about this and the effects this will have on our body. Another goal was to get awareness out. Both these milestones were hit – and now Common Seas is on the map for the leader in plastic health.  

Commissioned Basa Studio in Mexico City for a 1 minute animation narrated by Stephen Fry that was translated in several languages and seen over 500,000 times.

Worked with graphic designer Alex Izaguirre, and also did a lot of the graphic design myself.

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