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No Plastic Waste 

Campaign Art Direction | NYC | 2021

Worked in an amazing team with Soze Agency in NYC and Lamont Digital in LA. Developed the No Plastic Waste campaign visual look and feel with Flannery Miller CD of Soze - a mission to end plastic waste commissioned by the Minderoo Foundation in Australia. The campaign started on the ground at the UN in 2019 with a big launch, and moving into a major social media presence, youtube, website.


The aim of this campaign was to set is apart from the other no plastic campaigns that were rooted in nature. We wanted to take this campaign and make big bold visuals and statements to garner attention and stand out. 

I commissioned about 25 international artists to create art work to create more awareness and show that this issue is international.


Also created a produced several videos and developed artist projects.  

Lead a team of 3 designers Alex Izaguirre, Andrea Yasko, and Alyson Yee, and after effects editor Nick Hipa and worked closely with comms and copy team to ensure the look and feel of the campaign was consistent and fresh across all platforms.

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