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Pent-Up Art Show 

Serchia Gallery | Bristol, UK | 2021

Pent Up was my first U.K. debut at Serchia Gallery: a solo exhibition featuring six oversized C-prints created from an inaugural point of stillness.

Using the process of creating (a hybrid of digital and analogue media) to express a period of intensity and pent-up emotion encountered in an attempt of treatment and recovery.

The exhibition is a release from a specific point in time; each print acts as a surreal and vibrant journal entry reflecting the ability to let go and move on.


I had come home from 5 years in LA for treatment, father becoming ill, pandemic, etc and was studying a lot of Martin Kippenbergers self portraits that were completely wild and depressing - felt solidarity in the huge bellies.


It was a time when I was most still in my life in my apartment looking at the river but through therapy and treatment having this intense inner world that was so psychedelic without doing drugs.


Realized so much pent-up feelings, luve, anger, ambition etc. So I was sitting still but having the most beautiful and rich inner world in treatments. I tried to just make work about that one to book end it and move on.

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